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Hire a Personal Assistant

Certified with a degree and at least 5 years of professional experience, our qualified Personal Assistants (PA) or Family Assistant will serve each member of your family according to their needs and organize every aspect of your private and professional life.


Benefits of having a PA

The benefits of having a personal assistant are boundless. Most notably, for clients with hectic and demanding lifestyles.

By taking away the tedious and time-consuming tasks undertaken by the personal assistant, the client has more time to focus on the most important matters. Additionally, the client is able to balance a greater private and business lifestyle. Spending more time with family and friends, or more time on business matters.

It is however also very important to ensure you have the right personal assistant for your requirements. Having the wrong PA could be costly and a waste of a client’s valuable time.

High-End Personal Assistant Qualities

  • Savvy and experienced: Educated, multilingual, and culturally aware, fluent in communication.
  • Discreet and professional: Masters etiquette and presentation, handling sensitive matters seamlessly.
  • Empathetic and proactive: Active listener, understands needs, and anticipates solutions.
  • Efficient and organized: Multitasks, leads and utilizes technology for optimal results.
  • Household and concierge expertise: Manages household and lifestyle needs.
  • Plus: Navigate legal and financial matters with confidence, providing informed recommendations and managing expenses efficiently.
Quality Over Quantity

Personal Assistant salary:  Tailored pricing for your needs

While average pricing exists, it often fails to capture the nuances of your family office requirements. At Heritage Staffing, we embrace a bespoke approach, prioritizing a deep understanding of your specific needs before discussing costs.

Why this meticulous approach? Because your Personal Assistant isn’t merely a cost; hiring a personal assistant for family office services is a strategic investment in your time, productivity, and well-being. Several factors influence the precise cost, including:

Contract Duration

Short-term project support or ongoing partnership?

Service Scope

Administrative tasks, personal errands, or high-level business involvement?

Skills and Experience

Entry-level assistance or seasoned expertise with specialized skillsets?

Security and Confidentiality

Are rigorous background checks or industry certifications required?

Team Size

Do you require a singular assistant or a dedicated team?

While ballpark figures provide context, they lack the precision you deserve. To unlock a personalized cost estimate aligned with your specific goals, connect with our expert consultants at Heritage Staffing.

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