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Trusted Childcare Services

The Perfect Nanny or Governess for your Family

We select the most qualified and experienced professional nannies and governesses to ensure your children are surrounded with care and attention. Their expertise in every aspect of child progress such as affective development, early learning, security, and hygiene will contribute to the safe development of your loved ones.

Our nannies and even governesses are experienced and qualified to care for a broad range of ages, from young babies aged 3 months to older children and even teenagers.

Alternatively, if you need support with your newborn baby, we will be able to provide expert Private Maternity Nurses.

Nanny Duties
Nannies’ duties are related to the well-being and daily routines of children

  • Planning and preparation of meals,
  • doing their laundry and tidying up their bedroom,
  • doing specific groceries,
  • accompanying them to school, to social and out-of-school activities,
  • providing support during homework,
  • implementation of a daily routine.
It’s what we do

Nanny Positions We Place

  • Full-time or Part-time Nanny
  • Live in or Live out Nanny
  • Afterschool Nanny
  • Traveling Nanny

Our Nanny & Governess Services in Switzerland

Professional Rota Nannies

What is a Rota Nanny?

Rota nannies are highly trained career nannies. For families who need full nanny coverage 24/7 we have Rota Position Nanny.

Rota position is normally divided between two nannies who work together as a nanny team. Nannies work in rotation few weeks/month on and few weeks/month off thus the family is always covered. This is a very successful nanny placement for  high profile dynamic families who need total coverage at all times.

Rota Nannies can work anywhere in the world and follow the family during their trip.

Rota Nannies Duties
Rota nannies are responsible for all nannies duties. The have to be flexible, organized, professional and proactive.


  • Responsible for fun education age appropriate activities,
  • Cooking healthy meals and snacks,
  • All nursery duties,
  • Taking them to school, to social and out-of-school activities,
  • Providing support during homework,
  • Implementation of a daily routine,
  • Making the children feel at home during extensive travel,
  • On-call 24/24.

The Role of a Governess

A Governess main duty is about children’s needs, welfare, development, safety and education. She focuses on teaching, manners, “savoir-être” and transmits her experience and knowledge. She helps children to perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity.

The Governess generally holds a childcare diploma or certificate. Also, she may have a teacher degree and benefits in all cases from a long nanny, tutor or teacher experience.

Parents may have a specific educational project that the governess will apply in order to stimulate the child, and which can include entry exams preparation, support for exams and daily homework supervision.

Depending on your needs, the governess can either stay in your house “live-in” or be present during the day only “live-out or daily”.

Governess Duties
  • Implementation of a daily routine
  • Hygiene care or support in everyday routine (dressing, meals etc.)
  • Manners and social etiquettes teaching according to parents’ instructions
  • Consolidation of socialisation skills and autonomy
  • Skills and knowledge sharing in music, culture, sport etc.
  • Foreign language teaching
  • Homework support, liaise with  teachers at school
  • Work with any tutors, and the family Nanny regarding objectives, progress and development
  • Attend to household errands relating to the children
  • Accompany your children on family holidays or travel alone with them to other destinations
Education is the value

What is the difference between a Nanny and a Governess ?

Nannies make sure that children are fully occupied through games and activities, contribute to their affective development, teach hygiene standards, all the while carrying on domestic tasks related to the children, such as tidying up his bedroom or doing his laundry.

Conversely, governesses’ duties concern every aspect of children’s education and their daily organisation.





Overseas Nannies & Governesses

International Nanny Placement Since 10 Years

Our passion for rigorous work and our empathy with families contributed to reinforce our reputation beyond Switzerland, explaining why most of our international clients come through personal recommendation.

Heritage’ concern to its candidates’ success and fulfilment also makes it a trusted partner and allowed the agency to build an international network of dedicated professionals.

Our international Career Nannies and Governesses are highly trained and qualified, including working as a nanny overseas, and are mostly formally qualified in childcare, teaching or similar.

A Global Reach
  • Switzerland
  • Europe
  • UK
  • Middle east
  • Asia
  • North and South America
  • Africa
International Clients

We partner with clients across the world

Technology and hybrid working are making the world a smaller place. Our work is focussed on finding the best talent wherever it maybe.

For each search we apply our agile methodology with our philosophy of appreciating difference, recognizing diverse cultures & acknowledging the importance of united values and purpose.





The Best On-Call Nannies

Our On-Call Nanny Services is dedicated to offering Hotels, Families and Corporates access to our  team of highly-qualified, fully-screened professionals nannies.

Childcare Professionals
  • Carefully screened and extensively interviewed,
  • at least three years of professional childcare experience,
  • CPR & First Aid training,
  • references check,
  • multilingual,
  • at your service for mission from 3 hours or  for a sequence of days or weeks.
To complement your premium Conciergerie service

Hotel Nanny Services

We recommend our On-Call Nanny Services for your clients in need of Hotel Sitting.

Let your concierge provide this premium babysitting service to your guests in order to make their stay more memorable.

Nannies can entertain children on-site or can also take them on funny, off-site excursions to places like parks and museums.

Our dedicated Hotel Babysitters will offer expert childcare and keep the children safe, happy, and entertained.